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Ink mixer

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Product Name : Ink mixer
Product Model : MT-5R

Applications:Suitable for mixing powder, liquid or paste together and also the materials with its thinner/reducer.Mixture of inks, paints, coatings, and other liquid or viscous paste.Most suitable for UV INK, because silicon content in UV INK which lead to difficult mixing.

Environmental Friendly:Operates very quietly while container is sealed with lid. No spillage, no solvent evaporation.

Safety:Completely enclosed compared to conventional mixers. Machine will not operate with door open.

Clean:Clean-up is not required as no chemicals needed.

Vibration volume(Liter) 0.5~5
Time control (minutes) 0~10
Machine Size(mm) 380x430x930
Build-in dimension(mm) 240x240x250
Vibration speed adjustable
Power AC 110/220 V 50/60Hz
Current Output (KW) 0.4
Weight(KG) 70