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Advantages and dis-advantages of Roll to Roll WEB-FED Flat-Bed & Cylinder Screen Printing Machine ?

♦ Roll to Roll WEB-FED Flat-BED.

  • To print after alignment is completed, the accuracy of the machine is higher but the speed is lower.
  • The printed ink deposit is thicker.

♦ Roll to Roll WEB-FED Cylinder

  • The feeding & printing processes could be completed simultaneously, so the printing speed is higher but the accuracy requirements of the machine is also higher and crucial.
  • The printed ink deposit is thicker.
  • Suitable for four-color process & dot printing.
  • Suitable for solid-area printing.
  • Suitable for fine line width and line space printing.

Is it available to provide a pre-treatment machine ?

To improve/increase the surface energy and wettability on the roll-materials by means of using a narrow web Corona Treater.

Is it available to provide a dryer machine ?

We could provide you with the dryer shown as below :

  • UV Dryer
  • IR Dryer( Air-cushion Type)
  • IR Dryer (Helical Type)

Is it available to provide a sheeter ?

To proceed with roll to sheet processes by means of an off-line sheeter.

To proceed with roll to roll/sheet processes by means of an on-line sheeter to connect a printing machine.

How to prevent the thin web material from distorting ?

To proceed with pre-heating to make the distortion amount minimum.

To lower the temperature of web material by cooling roller while UV drying process to prevent web material from distorting.

To prevent the roll material from distorting by using a micro-tension driver while drying process.

Any special specification requirements for custom-made machines ?

Welcome to contact us for custom-made machines. ( Case By Case).