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UV Curing Machines - Instant Drying For Printing Coating - MT-1003P

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Product Name : UV Curing Equipment - Instant Drying For Printing Coating
Product Model : MT-1003P

Principle :
UV-Ultraviolet ray, wavelength 200-400 nm. UV curable coating/inks/adhesives are coated/printed on various substrates before the photochemical polymerization proceed during the conversion of a liquid surface coating into a cross-linked film by means of UV light immediately.

Features :
*Rapid cure at ambient temperature in a few seconds.
*Reduced energy consumption because of UV light activation.
*Space saving-UV dryer take up much less space than thermal ovens.
*Improve quality-instant drying reduces materials exposure to dust.
*No solvent pollution because UV resin is non-solvent type.

Application :
1.Coating-Paper,wood,furniture,metals and plastic substrates…etc.
2.Printing-label,metal,PC,PVC,abs,Ps,acrylic,glass, electronic parts, PCB and plastic substrates.
3.Adhering-PCB chip, glass, lens, electronic parts and transparent plastics.
4.Potting-Trimmer,sticker,button,metals and decorations...etc.

EFFECTIVE WIDTH 1200 ( m/m )
UV LAMP KW / PCS 9.75 kW x 3 PCs
BELT HEIGHT 1050±25 ( m/m )
POWER SOURCE 220V 100A 3 Phases
MACHINE DIMENSION L x W x H 3600 x 1560 x 1480 (m/m)

Instant drying is designed for use at low-temperature, making it suitable for printed materials which are vulnerable to high temperature, such as label PVC, soft FPC, polyester and films...etc.

UV Curing Equipment - Instant Drying For Printing Coating - MT-1003P