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Conveyor-Type Drying System - MT-202D

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Product Name : Conveyor-Type Drying System
Product Model : MT-202D
  1. The air flow between the infra-red heaters is carefully controlled to increase the air exchange and circulation speed, ensuring a superior drying performance deep in the ink layer. This design consumes less power than conventional radiation systems and is easy to control, eliminating the trouble fo overheating which may damage the substrate being dried.
  2. THERMOSTAT:The temperature is digitally displayed on the control panel and can be conveniently set for consistent temperature control. With temperatures as high as 200℃, the heater operation status can be easily identified by indication signals.
  3. ADJUSTABLE INFEED AND OUTFEED HEIGHT:Convenient in and outfeed panel height adjustment accommodates product height variations.
  4. ADJUSTABLE FEED SPEED:The conveyor belt is driven by a DC motor providing accurate control of drying time, thus meeting the exact specifications for various drying requirements.
  5. TEFLON CONVEYOR BELT:The Teflon conveyor belt provides the maximum in heat and wear resistance and provides a long service life. The belt tension is fully adjustable.
  6. Digital display of temperature and conveyor belt speed.
  7. Custom designs are welcome.
Power source 220V, single phase
Power consumption: Heater motor 8.4 kw
Max. substrate thickness 0-20 cm
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 300 x 76 x 75 cm
Drive system DC, 1/2HP motor, adjustable speed gear reducer
Teflon wire conveyor ( L x W ) L620 x W76 cm
Length of infeed 75 cm
Length of outfeed 75 cm
Drying chamber L150 x W76 x H55 cm
Motor 1/4HP blower motor, 7*1/2 multi-fan blower
Heater 1.3kw x 6 infra-red light tubes
Machine Dimensions ( L x W x H ) L311 x W105 x H130 cm
Machine weight 400 kg

It is suitable for most of the printing industry.