Screen Dryers - MT-3648 / MT-4252

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Product Name : Screen Dryer
Product Model : MT-3648 / MT-4252

This high speed drying machine is well suited for high efficiency drying applications in that emulsion is coated and dried after exposure on screen exposing operations. This unit affords high drying performance that prevents exposure and keeps the screen clean. It accurately controls the dryness of emulsion, and greatly upgrades the screen making efficiency.

MODEL MT-3648 MT-4252
AVAILABLE PLATE AREA 36" x 48" ( 910mm x 1200mm ) 42" x 52" ( 1066mm x 1320mm )
TEMPERATURE OF ( adjustable type constant temperature control )2000W , 35°C-50°C ( adjustable type constant temperature control )2000W , 35°C-50°C
MACHINE DIMENSIONS (W x L x H) 112 x 134 x 108 (W x L x H) 127 x 143 x 108
NET WEIGHT 300 kgs 350 kgs

* Customized specifications are available.

Screen Dryer - MT-3648 / MT-4252