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Roll to Roll WEB-FED Screen Printing Equipment - MT-5070A

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Product Name : Roll to Roll Web-Fed Screen Printing Equipment
Product Model : MT-5070A
  1. User-friendly PC based control combined with touch screen monitor for maximum operation convenience.
  2. The printing head is raised vertically for convenient access to screen and squeegee.
  3. Vacuum suction table for efficient workpiece fixing, with blow back function.
  4. The squeegee mechanism has a pressure stabilizer ensuring constant pressure at all times.
  5. Automatic tension control.
  6. Aluminum alloy machine frame ensures high stability and no deformation.
  7. Safety guard with CE standard provides extra safety for the operator and machine.
  8. Winding and unwinding use air shaft to prevent slippage, and include advanced web guide for precision and neatness.
  9. The take up roller features vacuum suction, ensuring smooth film surface and proper film tension at all times.
  10. Winding mechanism utilizes advanced sonar sensor for accurately sensing transparent and non-transparent film.
  11. Precision linear motion guides are provided on vertical and horizontal slideways for extremely smooth and stable traverse.
  12. Two dryers are available.Air cushion Hot Air Tower Dryer (heating length: 15M,25M,35M) and UV dryer with cooling roller. (Optional)
  13. Punching device.
Max.Printing Area 500x700mm
Max.Screen Frame Sizes 800x1100mm
Infeed Web Width 230-520mm
Max.Winding Diameter Φ500 mm
Unwinding Air Shaft Diameter Φ75mm
Max.Winding diameter Φ500mm
Winding Air Shaft Diameter Φ75mm
Printing Speed 420-600 m/hr
Travel 800mm
Thickness of Material 0.025 – 0.25 mm
Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Web Guide Accuracy ±0.05mm
Unwinder Drive Motor (Servo) 0.75 kw
Squeegee Drive Motor (Servo) 0.6kw
Take up Drive Motor (Servo) 0.75kw
Unwinding Motor 90 w
Winding Motor 1HP
Platen Vacuum Motor 1HP
Take up Roller Vacuum Motor 1HP x 2
Vacuum Chamber Motor ¼HP
Working Air Pressure 5–7kg/cm²
Machine Weight/Dimensions 1350kgs/L4650xW1300xH2000(mm)
Winder Weight/Dimensions 350kgs/L700xW1170xH1400(mm)
Rewinder Weight/Dimensions 300kgs/L660xW1100xH1050(mm)
Web Treater (Length) 350mm
Rated Power Source 220V–50/60Hz–Φ3–20A

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Tower Dryer: a total of three models with 15, 25 and 35 meters heating length, are available.

This is specially-designed web-fed screen printing machine for flexible stock, both transparent and non-transparent, in rolls such as: diffuser, FPC, Paper, Transfer Paper, Stickers, OPP, PVC, Mylar, PC, PET, Plastic Leather, Aluminum Foil and so on. These can be used for the following products:

  1. Heat transfers.
  2. Electronics-FPC (Flexible Circuits), Membrane Switch, IMD and Diffusers etc.
  3. Specialized labels for UL/CSA, wine and liquor bottles, Cosmetics and Shampoo Bottles, as well as Industrial, Toy, Automotive, Compact Disc and Video products.
  4. Nameplates and graphic Overlays.
  5. Biosensor (such as Blood Glucose Test Strip)

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